Il team

People are the key to every success. They are a patrimony for a company and the most important strategic resource that a company can have. We constantly invest in the values and in the professionals of our staff on the development of its culture. Our team is made up of professionals from the business world, with more than sixty years of cumulated experience in a multitude of sectors: hotel, real estate, finance and debit restructuring, project and construction management, asset management, vision, business strategy. This job experience allows us to be integrated in terms of competence.

Our uniqueness lies in the quality of our ideas and their effectiveness with which we help our clients to translate into strategies and working projects. With our multidisciplinary experience we sustain our clients in the repositioning of their assets, which have become commercially and/or technically non-productive.

Our Team has long-standing relationships with major real estate investors, major lenders, hotel companies and brokers that allows “off-market” opportunities.


Marco Stoppelli – Managing Partner

• Statuto Group: Managing Director, €3,5 billion portfolio and with team of 450 people
• Completed €1 billion of hotel transactions and €5 billion real estate transaction
• 20 years of experience in hotels and real estate
• JV Lehman Brothers/Statuto Group: Board Member
• Statuto SGR: Chairman
• Restructured all the Statuto Group’s bank debt of €2 billion worth
• Degree in Business Administration
• Member of Register of Accountants and Auditors

Giuseppe Testa – Managing Partner

• Statuto Group: Head of Asset Management Director
• Pizzarotti (Construction company): Technical Director
• 27 years of experience in hotels and real estate
• Managed construction and renovation of complex and important construction projects for about €320 million
• Degree in Civil Engineering
• Member of Register of Engineers

Vincenzo Finizzola – Asset Manager Hotel

• Started his career in the hospitality industry at the Savoy Hotel in 1977
• CIGA Group at the Hotel des Bains in Venice Lido -5*****L, 175 rooms, 20 suites, banquet/meeting facilities up to 300 guests
• Hotel Excelsior in Venice Lido – 5*****L, 185 rooms, 15 suites, banquet/meeting facilities up to 1000 guests
• Hotel Excelsior in Rome -295 rooms, 56 suites, banquet/meeting facilities up to 700 guests
• Costa Smeralda as General Manager of the Hotel Romazzino -5*****l, 80 rooms and 10 suites plus sport facilities
• General Manager of the Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice -5*****L, 70 rooms and 10 suites
• From 1992 to 2015, follows the conversion of two buildings in a Four Seasons hotel Milano, 5*****L 118 keys where has covered the position of General Manager

Carlo Cantù – Project and Construction Manager

• 18-year experience in the Real Estate and Hotel investment sector
• Senior Architect on the Fit out job of the new Accenture office in Milan
• Project Manager in various residential, offices and hotels buildings
• Degree in Architecture
• Member of Register of Architects
• Health & safety manager under Italian law