Rinascimento valori

The innovative vision and the extraordinary know-how of its staff, make Società Rinascimento Valori a high profile specialized in the strategic advice and in project & development services. Only the direct experience of people who really know the market and its potential, allows studying the strategic solutions capable of seizing the best opportunities, even during times of crisis.

What makes the difference is above all our experienced people, a great example of competence and solidity: experts who can talk highly about their important and diversified experiences, always one step ahead of the others and therefore capable of helping their clients achieving all their objectives. Integrity, commitment, passion and a natural attitude of excellence, these are the values that make us stand out from our competitors.

Our vision and some of our values are even witnessed on the symbolic creation of our brand, inspired by the conception of “Ideal Building” imagined by Leonardo Da Vinci in the “Atlantic Code” and in the Codex Ashburnham and interpreted in the Rinascimento by Donato Bramante in the study of the design of the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome. The essential element of this idea is the building as a central structure enriched with radial chapels of different shapes, all of which dominated by a big dome. Even the geometric shapes of the circle (God), of the octagon (the rebirth, ‘the baptism’ a new life) and of the Greek cross result to be absolute protagonists, with clear references to the Looped Square which is the unifying cornerstone, both on a conceptual level (unifying strength, link, the union of man with the divine sphere) and on the ‘spaces’ that with its waving shapes allude to the creative strength.

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